Larry Wilson Live: Conversations with Real Safety Experts

Managing Contractors to Zero (SIFs) Without a Big Stick with Jimmy Quinn

February 10, 2022 Larry Wilson Season 3 Episode 25
Larry Wilson Live: Conversations with Real Safety Experts
Managing Contractors to Zero (SIFs) Without a Big Stick with Jimmy Quinn
Show Notes

Managing contractors to zero (SIFs) without a big stick.

"Like anybody else, I didn't start off as the president of IOSH" Jimmy said, "more like in the trenches."

Almost immediately, I felt totally comfortable. He was low-key, easy to listen to - and when he told me about some of the amazing accomplishments he has achieved in construction and how he did it... that's where the idea for the title came from.

As mentioned, the results were impressive: from mega projects in the billions to smaller projects that easily fall under the radar of inspectors, every one managed to zero serious harm. But to do it all with positive engagement and a limited budget, even with a permanent workforce, is impressive. But to do it with a transient workforce of sub-contractors and sub-sub-contractors is, well... hard to believe, until you listen to him and hear how he did it. We will also talk about IOSH and the current initiatives they are working on. But mostly it will be about how to do it - without a big stick.

About James Quinn:

James is a well-motivated, proactive HSE Manager, CMIOSH and an expert with strong leadership and management skills, with a strong strategic vision. Disciplined and tenacious with the ability to drive and coach others, to excel in an environment where demanding targets and quality of work is expected to be of the highest standards.

Having a significant level of experience in the development of bespoke HSE management systems, James is always working to current legislation and completing management reviews of current policies, systems and procedures in line with legal requirements and industry best practice.

James through collaborative working with a thorough knowledge of international best practice and HSE auditing of OHSAS 18001/ISO 14001 compliance can also be considered to be one of the best in his field in the Gulf region. James was also part of the consultation group for the certification to the new Asset Management Systems standard, ISO 55001.

James has been described as an “intelligent and pragmatic HSE leader who understands the complexities of safety and managerial processes”. He has a Masters in Strategic Management and Leadership and a Post Graduate Diploma teaching Further Education, James is well travelled with responsibilities (current and past) worldwide and an understanding of diverse cultures and environments.

Professional membership of IOSH, CMI, CIOB, and the former IOSH Middle East Committee member lead for IPD/CPD, IOSH council member and IOSH President Elect, supporting the IOSH President as part of the Presidential Team before taking his office as President in October 2020.